Tools and Packages I use for Visual Studio Code

Welcome screen for Visual Studio Code

Here is a list of settings I tweaked and packages I installed to improve my VS Code experience.

Python Language Extension

To install the Python language extension, open the extensions sidebar (CMD+Shift+X -or- View->Extensions)
Then search for Python in the sidebar, find the Python extension published by Microsoft, and click ‘Install’.


There was a popup asking me to install pylint, so I clicked ‘Install’ and VS Code did the rest. It executed the command /usr/local/bin/python3 -m pip install -U pylint --user', so if you want pylint, but don’t see the popup, executing that command should do it for you.

Launching From the Command Line

I often find myself wanting to open VS Code from the command line. VS Code allows you to do this by typing code . in the Terminal. Checkout this link for how I enabled this: