Mac Open Terminal From Finder

Image of open Terminal window and Mac system preferences


First go to: System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts Tab -> Services (in side menu)

Scroll down to “New Terminal at Folder” and check the box next to it.

You can also click the “None” to the right to add a shortcut. I set the shortcut to: CMD;
Note: If your shortcut isn’t working, that shortcut is likely being used for something else.
Try changing the shortcut key combination until you find one that isn’t already in use.

Try it out!

Now right clicking a folder in the terminal will show the option “New Terminal at Folder” to open a terminal in that folder. And selecting a folder and pressing your keyboard shortcut will open a terminal in the folder as well.

Additional Method

Another way to open a folder in the Terminal is to:
– Open up a new Terminal window
– Type `cd ` (note the trailing space)
– Click and drag the folder you want to open to the Terminal window.
– Press Enter
Now you have a Terminal window that is in the directory you want to be in!

Thanks for reading!
-Andrew @ Programming Liftoff

Note: The instructions in this article were found in Chris Page’s answer to the question Open terminal here in Mac OS finder from Stack Overflow